domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

The return of Yenny Lopez

If you were a loyal reader of Yenny there's not much to say about her previous comic strip adventures. But I bet a lot of questions might be on your head right now regarding this so called "reboot". I used the word "reboot" as a tongue in cheek remark since that seems to be the standard in Hollywood now. The truth is that Yenny's comeback is more of a revision rather than a remake. Yes, there are a few minor revisions regarding the character designs in order to meet the rush of a daily comic strip. Where are Yenny's tiny shorts? You might say. Well there are still there but this time they are suitable for average newspaper readers. During my sabbatical, I was thinking on what to do with the character. At the end of the storyline some stuff like Tomato's pregnancy took relevance on the strip and at the moment a continuing of an older Yenny and friends seemed like the way to go. However, the more I thought of it, the less I liked it. Yenny is about her crazy daily adventures at the beach. Her enviroment is Villa Los Kubos...not some apartment. That's her trademark. Bare feet on the sand not high heels on the street. Another relevant change was her age. At first she was supposed to be 22 years old but she acted way younger than that. So right now she's 18 but still naive and childish. In short, old readers won't feel like they lost the old Yenny and new readers will begin folowing her adventures just like everyone else did. Welcome back to Villa los Kubos. Go check Yenny's return at

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  2. Definitely good to have her back. Yes there are some changes here and there... but it's great to have her back in daily circulation like the good ole days!

  3. Great to have her back whatever age!